Game Programmer

I specialize in rapid prototyping, gameplay engineering, and level scripting, and have experience working solo, on small teams, as well as in large productions.

Game Designer

I create experimental vignettes and character-based experiences. I am a graduate of USC's Interactive Media and Games Division and winner of a Dare to Be Digital award.

Community Organizer

I am an organizer at the IndieCade Festival, and have organized game jams like the Global Game Jam and the QUILTBAG Jam.



A touch-based puzzle platformer about a handheld who is infested with bugs!


A playable music video set to the song "Fidelity" by Regina Spektor.

Project Holodeck + Wild Skies

A full-body virtual reality system + a steampunk co-op action-adventure game.

No Jump Cuts

My ongoing thesis on cuts and transitions in videogames.


A game about relationships.


A game about two people who lose each other.

The Fall

A first-person experience about 9/11.


A multi-user mobile virtual reality platform.