Role: Designer/Developer
Team: ~10 people at peak
Date: August 2013 - May 2014

Project Site

The Project

a•part•ment is:
  • my friend Robyn Gray's Master's thesis project.
  • a game about a set of characters living in the same apartment complex.
  • a collection of gameplay "vignettes" about each character.
  • an experiment in portraying relationships.
  • an exploration of different ways of using text in videogames.
  • The game revolves around the story of a couple that has just broken up. Their story is told through minigames (gameplay "vignettes") about their neighbor characters, whose lives parallel their own.

    My Role

    I am responsible for creating three vignettes about an old character named May, who has recently lost her husband of 60 years. I create prototypes that: 1) explore the use of cuts in videogames as part of my own thesis project and 2) tell her story using in-world text. I then produce and polish the prototypes into playable vignettes with direction from Robyn, the director, and with music and art assets from the production team. Beyond technical tasks, I am also responsible for planning out the overall narrative structure for each vignette, for setting the tone for each one as well as the emotional art across them, and for the writing.