Role: Designer, Programmer, and Producer
Team Size: 5
Date: May - August, 2014

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The Project

D-Bug is a touch-based puzzle-platformer about Button, a handheld system who is infested with bugs. They’ve stolen his heart chip! You’ve got to get it back! This game features a unique virtual control system: Button, the handheld system, transforms his interface as you take control of different bugs. The player must master the abilities of the different bugs and debug Button from the inside out!

Our Process

I pitched, produced, and won an award for this project with my team, The Pillowettes, through Dare to Be Digital, an international student game competition at Abertay University. Our unique control system came out of our desire to design touch controls that did not obscure the playspace, but instead added to the experience. We produced the project over eight weeks in Dundee, Scotland, and exhibited it at Dare to Be Digital to hundreds of people. I learned a lot about production pipelines, puzzle design, and developing for the iPad.


D-Bug has been exhibited at:
  • Dare to Be Digital, Winner of the Team Choice Award, August 2014
  • Giant Robot 2: USC Exhibit, November 2014
  • The Cinefamily Arcade: November 2014
  • Trailer

    Original Pitch