Role: Designer/Developer
Team size: Just me
Date: March - May 2013

Download (Mac)

The Project

I created this game for my "Song Game" project in Prof. Richard Lemarchand's Experimental Game Topics class. I chose the song Fidelity by Regina Spektor and set out to create a game that I would have loved to play when I was fifteen years old. Two of my references for this project are We Were You (by Jake Elliot) and Thirty Flights of Loving (by Blendo Games), which inspired me to create a "playable music video" using cuts between gameplay sequences. My design goals were to evoke the feeling of watching a music video, as well as to allow the player to express themselves (or "dance") to the music.

My Process

I was solely responsible for taking this project from inception to finished product over a couple of months. After listening to the song a hundred times, I came up with several grand and over-scoped ideas that I eventually stripped down to abstract, minimalist sequences. I prototyped several of them until I settled on the three "scenes" that are present in the final product. I playtested these scenes rigorously and refined them until they were easy to control and felt right. Then, I cut the scenes together into a two-minute whole, playtested and tweaked it until I was satisfied with the cuts, and then playtested some more for polish!


Fidelity has been exhibited at:
  • USC Interactive Media: opening reception for the new building, July 2013
  • MEGA: Student Work Exhibition, August 2013
  • GaymerX: IndieCade Selection, July 2014