Role: Programmer/Producer/Designer
Team: 3 people
Date: June - Aug, 2013

The Project

MuVR is a prototype for an embodied virtual reality system for mobile devices that is built using off-the-shelf parts. It was created during my internship at the Mixed Reality Lab at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies. It is a limber and compact system inspired by the research of Kyle Johnson and Project Holodeck. The hardware consists of:
  • a mobile device for motion and orientation,
  • a Razer Hydra for head and hand tracking,
  • an Oculus Rift for viewing the virtual world,
  • a Raspberry Pi for relaying data Razer Hydra data to the server,
  • various cables, adapters, and a USB battery pack.
  • All devices (for all users) communicate with multiple servers, and our software uses a step-detection algorithm to move the user in the virtual world.

    My Role

    I was responsible for designing, producing, and developing the system with a hardware specialist and an artist.
    High level tasks:
  • setting the scope for the project
  • scheduling and tracking tasks
  • running meetings to design features
  • Low level tasks:
  • creating a 3D GUI system
  • writing and testing networking code
  • writing the character controller
  • Honors

    A poster based on our research has been accepted for publication at IEEE VR 2014.