No Jump Cuts

Role: Designer/Developer
Team: Just me
Date: May 2013 - May 2014

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The Project

No Jump Cuts is my senior thesis project about using cuts in videogames. By "cuts," I'm referring to transitions from one gameplay sequence to another that do not rely upon cutscenes. I was inspired by games like Thirty Flights of Loving (by Blendo Games) and WarioWare, which are short but compelling experiences composed of multiple gameplay sequences. My goal is to develop new transition techniques through research and prototyping, and also to apply said techniques in a game called a•part•ment.

My Process

This project is composed of several experiments that I conducted using the scientific method. For each experiment, I developed a prompt or a research question and created a prototype using a new technique (e.g. the cross-dissolve). I then playtested the prototype with a hypothesis that tested the effectiveness of the transition technique (e.g. "If the game cross-dissolves from scene A to B, then the player will lose control of the character.") Based on several prototypes and playtests, I drew conclusions about which techniques were effective, and about principles to keep in mind for creating smooth and evocative cuts.

List of Prototypes

  • 001. The Fall: The First-Person Mashup
  • 002. Born Free: Playable Music Video I
  • 003. ellipsis: The Sound Montage
  • 004. Vladimir: The Virtual Reality Montage
  • 005. Fidelity: Playable Music Video II
  • 006. Third-person Experiment I: The Extreme Wide Angle
  • 007. a•part•ment Prototype I: The Cross Dissolve
  • 008. a•part•ment Prototype II: The Close-up Montage
  • 009. 3rd-person Experiment II: The Wipe
  • 010. a•part•ment Prototype II: The Match-cut Montage
  • 011. a•part•ment Prototype IV: The Motion Montage
  • 012. lollipop: The Third-Person/First-Person Switch
You can read about them in my paper.