Project Holodeck + Wild Skies

Role: Lead Designer
Team size: ~60 at peak
Date: Aug 2012 - May 2013

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Project Holodeck

Project Holodeck is a prototype for an embodied VR system built using off-the-shelf parts. The system tracks the position and orientation of two users using the Playstation Move camera/controllers and their head and hands using Razer Hydra controllers. The player sees the virtual world through an Oculus Rift, which is connected to a laptop on the player's backpack. All devices are connected to multiple servers to create a two-player, embodied VR environment. Project Holodeck has now evolved into a startup known as Survios.

Wild Skies

Wild Skies is a two-player action-adventure game set in a steampunk-inspired world of airships and floating islands. Players play as Zendair and Serai - two kids who are thrust into the middle of a conflict between their father and his villainous rival, who has suddenly decided to attack their outpost. They must chase after the villain to discover his mysterious plan to harness the power from their planet. One player flies the ship, while the other defends it using guns and cannons. They can either avoid or destroy enemy ships that come after them, and can also upgrade the ship and their weapons using floating power-ups.

My Role

I was responsible for managing the design team (5 people) which designed mechanics, designed and produced levels, and created and maintained documentation. I also worked closely with artists and programmers to implement art, animation, and sound assets. My tasks included iterating on the overall level layout, designing/producing the tutorial sequence, developing the narrative with the director, writing a lighting design tool, and tweaking the controls for the ship.


Project Holodeck and Wild Skies have been featured at various exhibitions including:
  • IndieCade Festival: Digital Selects, October 2013
  • USC Games Demo Day, May 2013
  • See press list here.