The Fall

Role: Designer/Developer
Team: Just me
Date: Feb - Mar, 2013

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The Project

This project was my first experiment in using cuts during gameplay. The player controls a first-person character through four different scenes; when they click, the game cuts to a randomly selected scene. Three of the scenes are set in Ground Zero during the events of 9/11, while one is set inside of a surreal TV tube that plays a recording of a news station covering the incident as it occurs. My design goal was to evoke the feeling of flipping through TV channels (while simultaneously being inside each channel). Thematically, I was trying to deal with my own experience of watching a horrific incident as entertainment while simultaneously empathizing with the people who suffered through it.

My Process

I started this project by watching YouTube videos of the incident. I was overwhelmed by the terror, loss of life, and scale of the event. Like many people, I experienced 9/11 through television, so I decided to try to convey that experience through a prototype. I planned to create eight different scenes which would represent eight different perspectives of the event. I quickly scoped down to four scenes and produced each one using mashed-up art, sound, and music. Then, I put them all together and allowed the player to cut to a random scene. I wasn't sure if it would work, but judging from the reactions of people who have played it, it seems to have!